I create my art not only by what my eyes see at one particular moment, but most importantly, I feel an energy that allows me to create fundamental experiences, feelings, dreams of my entire life which transforms what I see into paintings.

Thanks to this energy, I am able to create paintings in a variety. Some are calmer, almost melancholy due to more blending of colors and making a smoother texture. Often times, these works are a reflection of my dreams, those fulfilled, those that aren’t, a longing of my childhood and home. Other paintings are more lively, energetic, almost aggressive because the colors are more pure, at times even straight from the tube; I feel more energy, I use more paint, these pieces then have much more texture. To me they feel more powerful and getting closer to the abstract form. We all have our natural ups and downs. I feel that my artwork overall has happiness, because I feel happy when creating. My process is a continual search, experimenting, the joining of various techniques. The results create something different every time.

Many times I am not satisfied with a piece of work, so I continue to work on the canvas until I feel it is complete. Sometimes I paint the same subject for a couple of months, even a couple of years, or I paint in series. Every art piece in a series will have its obvious similarities, but to me, they each hold their own uniqueness and individuality. They feel different, due to the different emotions I experience while I work on them. For instance, from 2010 until the beginning of 2013 I created 26 Bougainvillea paintings. Throughout, I’ll pick up other subjects and paint different things and then find myself going back to paint another Bougainvillea.

I feel like my learning process and creativity has no limit. I notice, that one idea I have will branch out and lead to the next, into a third, fourth and so on. I feel like there is not enough time in the days, the weeks, my life really to finish what I hold in my mind. I create because it is a basic need for me. Yes, many of us have wants and we may too quickly call them “needs” but art is truly something that I have to do; it is a very strong, emotional, essentially spiritual thing I need to do and practice.